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Unless Genghis Khan appears on your doorstep with his Mongol horde, your sins are not grave enough to warrant concern.

oh is THAT what all the screaming was about

(It was a bit overdramatic of me, though. Although my uncle has heart problems lately and two of my aunts have joint issues…hmmm.

~our family’s impeccable timing~)


Free! x Pokemon (Click the images for larger size).

Story of Haruka and Feebas 

Haruka met Feebas when he was young. He finally evolved when Haru is Grade 12, but he was too big to stay at home. In the end, Haru decided to let him live in the sea. Milotic was very sad that he can’t stay with Haru and take a bath with him life before. So Haru stopped by sea everyday to see him. 

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so….on top of ah-gong passing, dad went and did something to his neck

and now he’s in agony and can’t turn it

which temple did we burn down in a previous life. how do i make reparations. this is ridiculous.

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Do not follow pokemonstuffism. Why? They reblog posts and remove captions and art sources in the name of self promotion. They’ve done it to my original posts and to art.

This is just wrong. You just don’t claim anyone’s original thoughts and ideas as your own. Ever. I don’t care…

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my grandfather died last night

I never got the chance to meet him in person. We’ve never really been able to afford to fly to Taiwan.

To be honest, I am mostly okay with it. He was 91. And a good Buddhist. I am mostly comforted by the latter, weirdly enough.

I’m a little worried about mum, though, I don’t really know how to deal with other people’s grief (but she is doing better than I thought she would)

…I wish I’d been a good granddaughter.



70% of editing is just looking at ur work for a few hours with this face


true story

true for drawing

true for video editing

true for writing

just true

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A Pokemon x Digimon crossover by request.



A Pokemon x Digimon crossover by request.

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Game postponed due to puppies.


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i love pokemon shaming omg


i love pokemon shaming omg

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